Mahou Shoujo (girl-magic)


  Some women would kill for a perfect body. Honey has a dozen of them and everyone's trying to kill her! She's Cutey Honey; a one-woman S.W.A.T. team whose android chassis is capable of changing at will into a dazzling array of hard-hitting hardbodies, each with its own unique set of skills, weapons and other impressive physical attributes. However, Cutey's not all Flash and no substance as Dolmeck and his forces of evil are about to find out. She's Cutey Honey, everybody's favorite transforming battle android and she's out to make Cosplay City a safe place to live.

Cutey Honey F:

Cosplay City is being terrorized by Dolmeck, the self proclaimed Lord of Darkness. The only man brave enough to oppose him is Mayor Light but even he is powerless against him. Hayami Chokkei attends a press conference for the mayor when a biker gang attacks. Just as things look bad, the legendary Hayami Danbei comes to the rescue. The situation brightens when Danbei realizes that the mayor's assistant is named Honey and he rushes to find her and tries to awaken her true self. A warrior of Light shall return to combat the Darkness.

Inside Kisaragi Honey is a sleeping Cutey Honey, waiting for the day that she is once again needed to battle the forces of evil. This time, her opponent is Dolmeck and his evil minions. Each of them has the ability to turn into a monstrous version of themselves through the use of some mysterious drug that is injected into them.

Cutey Honey's goal now is to take down Dolmeck's crime organization and find out the secret behind this drug that transforms people into monsters. However, her confrontation with Dolmeck reveals that he is reviving Honey's old foe, Panther Zora!

The first four episodes of this OAV series were released in 1994 and dealt with the revival of Panther Zora. The next four episodes released in 1995 dealt with Honey combating Panther Zora in a number of different forms. There is no real resolution to the series at the end of episode eight however. It's probable that more episodes were intended.


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