Dragonball Z

Name: Son Goku
Age: ???
Height: 5'10ft.-6ft
Race: Half-Sayian, half human
Hair Color: Black
Weight: 250lbs.
Father: Gohu
Mother: Chi-Chi
Wife: Vidal
Children: Pan
Grandchildren: none
Son-in-law: none
Father-in-law: Hercules
Brother: Goten
Brother- in-law: none
Sister: none

                Goku and Piccolo team up in an effort to save Gohan from the Saiyan Raditsu. The three battle it out in a frenzy. The advantage that Raditsu has over Goku and Piccolo, however, is too much for the both of them. Eventually Raddiz beats and tortures Goku. Gohan hearing his father's cries, gets enraged and shows his true powers. This is where we see Gohan's powers for thefirst time. Son Gohan is Goku's first son. He is a good natured boy and is polite to in every way.Like his father, he has a heart of Gold. But unlike his father, he does not like to fight. Gohan is mixed human and Saiyan, which makes him inherently more powerful than his father. He probably has the most potential over all of the Z warriors to be the strongest. But because he does not have the passion to fight, he never reaches his true potential. This can prove to
be a weakness for him in battle. At one time he was trained by Piccolo who he looks up to and respects. In the battle of Cell, He displayed power and speed more than anyone. Gohan was the first to achieve the level of Super Saiyan 2.
Eventually he grows up to be studious and intelligent, mainly because his mother is always on him to study. Gohan marries Videl, his high school classmate, and they both have one daughter Pan.


The information in the paragraph was taken from http://www.geocities.com/mantisknight/Gohan.html

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