Dragonball Z

Name: Son Goku
Age: ???
Height: 6ft.
Race: Full-Sayian
Hair Color: Black
Weight: 250lbs.
Father: Adopted by Martial Arts master Son Gohan
Mother: Unknown
Wife: Chi-Chi
Children: Son Gohan, Son Goten
Grandchildren: Pan
Daughter-in-law: Vidal
Father-in-law: GyuuMaoh - The Great Ox King
Brother: Raditsu
Brother- in-law: Mr. Satan
Sister: Unknown

                Goku is the focus of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He is a Saiyan originally sent to Earth to make it ready for the Saiyan's planet brokerage. He is found by Son Gohan Sr. and is at first a little nightmare. Then he hits his head during a freak accident and suddenly changes. He becomes pure and innocent. He then tragically tramples Gohan Sr. when he turns into the were-ape on a full moon. At the age of 12 he meets up with Bulma and joins her quest for the seven dragon balls. At first he is naive and ignorant of many things (doesn't know what a female is etc). After his initial search for the Dragon Balls (Dragon Ball episodes 1-12) he goes to begin training with Master Roishi. There he trains with and meets Krillon his best friend then on. He then marries Chi Chi fulfilling a promise he made when he was younger and thought bride was something to eat. At the beginning of DBZ his brother Radditz arrived and tells him of Saiyan heritage. He is also killed in this battle and sent to the next dimension. While there he trains with the legendary King Kai increases his power level even further. He is then wished back and battles Vegeta in a fight that ends in a draw. Goku then goes to join the others on Namek where on the way his training made him ten times stronger. While during this battle Goku is shown to be one of the legendary Super Saiyajins and defeats Fresia. He battles many opponents like Cell and Majon Buu and goes to SSJ 3 at his peak. In almost all his battles he is victorious. He is also able to merge with Vegeta to form Vegitto/Gogeata.


The information in the paragraph was taken from http://www.geocities.com/mantisknight/Gohan.html

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