Name: Akane Tendo
Age: 16
Curse: none...except being clumsy and her temper.

Hair Style: Black, originally long, then cut short by Ryoga's.
Weapons: Bare hands, mallets and temper.

Likes : Keeping Fit, trying to perfect her cooking (though she will never be as good as her sister's).

Dislikes : Name calling, her current cooking, Kuno.

Fiancées: Ranma
Relatives: Soun Tendo (father), Mrs. Tendo (mother, deceased), Nabiki Tendo (older sister), Kasumi Tendo (oldest sister).
Story: Ranma's father and Akane's father went behind their backs and forced them to become fiancée's, which ends up with Ranma and Genma living in Akane's house. Watch out for this girl, she's a tomboy and great martial artist.




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