Name: Mousse
Age: 16
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Curse: Turns into a duck
Weapons: Martial Arts and Blades
Loves: Shampoo
Loved by: No one
Hates: Ranma, Cologne

Profile: Mousse is, like Shampoo, from the Village of Amazons. A childhood friend of Shampoo who fell in love with her, Mousse first proposed to Shampoo when they were three years old. According to Amazon law, however, a woman must marry the man who defeats her in battle. Unfortunately for Mousse, Shampoo kept defeating him year after. Then Male Ranma came into the picture and changed everything. Now that shampoo has an interest in Ranma, Mousse tries his hardest to catch her attention even follows her to Tokoyo.




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