Name: Ranma Soatomai
Age: 16
Curse: Niangnichuan. He turns into a girl (The red-headed chit on his back) 

Hair Style: Short, with pigtail, Black/Red with glint.
Weapons: Bare hands and feet.

Likes : Food, Training, Mom, Ego, Sassy girls.

Dislikes : Happosai, Genma, people who defeat him.

Fiancées: Akane and Ukyo and Shampoo?
Relatives: Genma (father), Nodoka (mother)
Story: Genma takes Ranma to a place known as Jusenkyo, a training area in China with magical springs. Both Ranma and Genma fall into a separate spring, which means whenever splashed with cold water, they turn into their form. Hot water reverses the effect, so Ranma turns into a little red-headed girl! Ranma then finds out that he is forced to be wed one of the Tendo girls in Japan. But genders get mixed up when he (or should I say she?) first goes to meet Them!




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