Name: Ryoga (or Ryouga) Hibiki
Age: 16
Eyes: Brown

Weapons: Bandana and martial arts

Curse: Turns into a little black pig
Hair style: Black with polka-dotted bandana
Loves: Akane, Akari
Loved by: Akari
Rivals/Opponents: Ranma, Mousse, Kuno


Ryoga track Ranma to the Crused springs so he could finally get revenge and finish their batter but accidentally he was knocked into Heituenniichuan, the Spring of Drowned Black Piglet by Ranma and Genma who were chasing each other. Now he has an even large grudge against Ranma and has made it his duty to track Ranma to Tokoyo. But it's harder than it seems because he's eternally losing his way, even going to his own room!




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