Name: Shampoo
Age: 16
Curse: Turns into a CAT!

Hair Style: Blue, Ordango and long hair.
Weapons: Bare hands, mallets and temper.

Likes : Cooking, Ranma, Making mischievous spells with grandma.

Dislikes : Violent girls Akane, Uyko and Mousse.

Fiancées: Ranma, Mousse
Relatives: Grandma-Cologne


Shampoo comes from a Chinese village with strict Amazon laws. If Shampoo is defeated by a girl outsider, she has give her the Kiss of Death and follow her to the end of the world until she kills her. On the other hand, if she's defeated by a guy, she's bound by the law to marry him. Shampoo, who was considered to be the best Amazon fighter in her village, was defeated by Girl Ranma and then latter Guy Ranma and now she either has to marry him or kill her.




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