Mizuno Ami

Name: Mizuno Ami "Amy" 
Birthday: September 10, 1977
Astrological sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Favorite color: aquamarine
Hobby: reading, chess, computers
Favorite food: Sandwiches
Least Favorite food: hamachi (yellow-tail tuna)
Favorite subject: Mathematics
Worst subject: None
Has trouble with: Love letters
Strong points: calculating, strategy
Dream: to be a Doctor
Favorite gemstone: sapphire
Height: 5'2"

Mizuno Ami ("Amy Anderson, Ami/Amy, Mercury Princess Ami") - the brains of the team. She's a bookworm, has a defensive attack, and she owns a pocket computer and VR visor. She is usually seen buried in some textbook, a testament to her working ethic. She takes juku, was once offered a scholarship abroad[62], and plans to become a doctor like her separated mother, whom she lives with in an apartment. Her father is an artist. She is kind, objective, level-headed and dresses conservatively, and the others always suggest she get out more. Her school marks are rated #1 in Japan. She wears reading glasses. She has an unusual talent for video games. She's kinda in a relationship with Urawa Ryo(Greg!), the fifth nijizuishou carrier. Her sailor fuku and eyes are blue, and her hair is short and blue.

"Douse yourself in some water and repent!"-Sailor Mercury  (Inner Senshi)

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