Ten'ou Haruka 

Name: (Jap,English) Ten'ou Haruka "Amara"
Birthday: January 27, 1977
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
Favorite color: gold
Hobby: driving
Favorite food: Salad
Least Favorite food: Natto (a gross fermented soybean Japanese dish)
Favorite subject: Phys. Ed 
Worst subject: Modern Japanese
Has trouble with: Confessing
Strong points: Racing
Dream: to be a Racer
Favorite gemstone: amber
Height: 5'8"

Ten'ou Haruka ( Haruka, Sailor Uranus, Princess Haruka?) - Is gay, likes to dress man-like and flirt with the girls. Is a professional race car driver, but also engages in a variety of sports, from motocross[98] to track[106]; she is the top motocross champion in Asia. Off the circuit, she drives a car (illegally), a motorcycle and a helicopter. She goes to Mugen Gakuen High School. She can be extremely brash, tough and heartless when the situation becomes grim, and that sometimes bothers her. She is also fiercely determined on achieving her goals. She and Neptune once made a pact to leave each other should one fall in battle in order to continue on the goal of finding the messiah[98]. Holder of the space sword talisman[110]. By SMSS,


"Invited by a new age, I am the magnificent Sailor Uranus."-Sailor Uranus (Outer)


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