Tomoe Hotaru

Name: Tomoe Hotaru "Hotara" 
Birthday: January 6, 1980?
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Blood type: AB
Favorite colors: purple
Hobby: reading, collecting lamps
Favorite food: gyouza, curry, ramennihon soba (buckwheat noodles)
Least Favorite food: milk
Favorite subject: World History
Worst subject: Phys Ed
Has trouble with: marathons
Strong points: injury treatment
Dream: to be a doctor
Favorite gemstone: fluorite
Height: 3'9"

Tomoe Hotaru ("Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, Misstress 9")[113] - leader of the outer senshi. Has a
magical ability to heal wounds, have premonitions and perform telekinesis.
She's quiet, frail, tires easily, and doesn't have much friends - except
Chibi Usa. When she was younger, she was killed in a lab accident but revived
and possessed by Mistress Nine, who is awakened in [124]. She's the daughter
of Professor Tomoe Sou Ichi and the late Tomoe Keiko and is the melancholic
messiah, sort of like Shiva of Hinduism (her attack, Death Reborn Revolution,
brings around "The Silence," aka Armageddon). Becomes Saturn and is later
reborn as a child in [125], grows to a young 6 year-oldish girl in [167] and
a 13 year-old in [168] (Sailor Chibi-Saturn!:>). Has short black hair and dark
purple, piercing eyes. Her fuku was dark purple and red with sharp shoulders,
but is now dark purple-blue.  She is armed with the silence glaive, a staff
weapon topped with dual curved blades.

"I am the melancholic warrior...Sailor Saturn."-Sailor Saturn (Outer)

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