Kino Makoto

Name: Kino Mokoto "Lita" 
Birthday: December 5, 1977
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O+
Favorite color: pink
Hobby: bargain-hunting
Favorite food: Cherry Pie
Least Favorite food: none
Favorite subject: Home Economics
Worst subject: Physics
Has trouble with: Air Planes
Strong points: cooking
Dream: being a bride, selling cake, selling flowers, a chef
Favorite gemstone: emerald
Height: 5'6"

Kino Makoto("Lita, Sailor Jupiter Princess Kino Makota)[ - called "Mako" for short. She was transferred from school to school for always getting into fights. She is naturally very aggressive, independent, reckless and strong and knows karate, yet has a nurturing side; she likes to cook and clean, and plans to be a famous chef someday. Has a soft spot for Usagi, for it was she who befriended her when the others stayed away. She also has a quirk where every hunky guy she sees reminds her of her ex-boyfriend. Has a mutual friend Shinozaki(Ken) who helped her when this boyfriend dumped her. There is evidence she may be a bisexual. She's also an excellent figure skater, but she's not very much better than Usagi in academics. She's, with Haruka, one of the tallest senshi. She lives alone in an apartment after her parents died in an airplane crash. She has a lightning rod in her tiara to perform Supreme Thunder. Her brown hair is in a ponytail and she has green eyes; she wears a dark green sailor fuku and rose earrings. In the [manga], she is also a gang member.

""In the name of the planet Jupiter, I will punish you."-Sailor Jupiter  (Inner Senshi)

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