Aino Minako

Name: Aino Minako "Mina" 
Birthday: October 22, 1977
Astrological sign: Libra
Blood type: B
Favorite colors: Yellow and red
Hobby: chasing after idols, shopping
Favorite food: gyouza, curry, ramen
Least Favorite food: shiitake mushrooms
Favorite subject: Phys. Ed
Worst subject: Everything
Has trouble with: Mom and the police
Strong points: playing (rest + relaxation)
Dream: being an idol
Favorite gemstone: topaz
Height: 5'0"

Aino Minako("Mina, Sailor V, Venus Princess Aino Minako") - Is an actress, most famous for being Sailor V from a previous manga by Takeuchi Naoko in 1991. She's generally kind, gentle and mischievous, likes being with kids and enjoys shopping, stuffed toys and romantic adventure movies. However, she can get competitive. She's very agile and athletic, and was once part of the volley- ball team. In SMR, her personality COMPLETELY changes; she becomes a flirtatious, vain and argumentative shopaholic. She likes quoting proverbs, but always messes them up. Formerly went to the private Shibakouen Junior High. Her past is rather obscure, but we do know she used to live in London, where she befriended policewoman Katarina. So, Minako is also supposed to be very fluent in English(yeah, right)! She owns Artemis, and discovered her true identity before Usagi. While the fourth to appear, she has been seen as Sailor V on merchandise since [1]. Note: A lot of SM was inspired by SV. She has blue eyes, long blonde hair with a red bow, and an orange fuku.

"Sailor Venus, strutting on the stage."-Sailor Venus  (Inner Senshi)


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