Hino Rei

Name: Rei Hino "Raye" 
Birthday: April 17, 1977
Astrological sign: Aries
Blood type: AB
Favorite color: red and black 
Hobby: fortune telling, magna
Favorite food: fugu (blowfish)
Least Favorite food: canned asparagus
Favorite subject: Ancient Writing
Worst subject: Modern Society
Has trouble with: television 
Strong points: meditation
Dream: to be a head priestess, singer, model, and wife of "someone I love"
Favorite gemstone: Ruby
Height: 5'3"

Hino Rei("Raye, Mars Princess Rei") - a stubborn, short-tempered Shintoist.  Being a priestess, she can often sense things the others can't, communicate with the fire god, and exorcise spirits with ofuda.  Lives at Hikawa Shrine on Sendai Hill (Cherry Hill Temple) with her grandfather and temple worker Kumada Yuuichirou (Chad), who she sorta likes.  Her two pet crows are named Deimos and Phobos.  Goes to the catholic TA Private Girls School.  Favorite pastime is bickering with Usagi and/or Chibi Usa; she originally also wanted to be leader, but voluntarily withdrew in the way of destiny. She is very traditional, an otaku with a massive manga collection, an accomplished singer, and a good skier .  While usually maintaining a self-righteous attitude, she can also be childish.  Called the "strongest senshi". Her fuku is red, her eyes are violet-black, and she wears red heels and red star-shaped earrings and has very long black hair.  (* also "beauty" in the Chinese vernacular)

"In the name of the planet Mars, I will punish you."-Sailor Mars (Inner Senshi)

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