Chibi Usa

Name: Chibi Usa "Rini" 
Birthday: June 30, in the 2000's
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood type: O-
Favorite color: red and pink
Hobby: collecting rabbit paraphernalia
Favorite food: Pudding
Least Favorite food: Carrots
Favorite subject: Drawing
Worst subject: Languges
Has trouble with: taking care of the house, thunderstorms
Strong points: getting people to give her things
Dream: becoming a lady
Favorite gemstone: diamond
Height: 3'5""

Chibi Usa (Rini/Reeny, Chibi, bad/wicked/black lady, brat ) - Usagi's little 900 year old daughter from the future. Chibi Usa is a nickname; her name is Usagi Tsukino too. Is like Usagi Sr. an awful lot. She seems to always get into fights with Usagi, and speaks roughly. She is sent back into the past to train with the team as Chibi Moon later in SMS. Serenity intended her to train to become a fighter as well as in making friends. Her presence in the 20th century was also for her social training to lead to a "special meeting" (with Hotaru, as we find out). Has enrolled in Juuban Elementary School in [81]. Owns Luna-P, a Luna-head computer and a time key. She is also the holder of the pure heart crystal + the golden mirror. Also has a daughterly love for Mamoru. She was once brainwashed into the Black Lady. She returns back to the future in SMS* !!! Sports red eyes, pink hair with elongated rabbit-like "odango" and an identical fuku to Sailor Moon.

"I am the little sailor-suited pretty soldier in training Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the future moon, I will punish you!"-Sailor Chibi Moon  

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