Kou Yaten

Name: Kou Yaten "ken? Yaten?"
Birthday: February 8, 1979
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
Favorite color: light blue
Hobby: photography
Favorite food: caviar
Club membership: Homecoming
Favorite subject: Art
Worst subject: Phys. Ed.
Has trouble with: physical exertion
Responsibilities: Keyboard (arrangement)
Dream: ???
Favorite gemstone: ???
Height: 5'0"

Kou Yaten("Yaten, Sailor Star Healer") The shortest of the Starlights. Short grey hair, pea-green eyes /w long ponytail. He's a squeamish, artsy guy who seems to be always in an indifferent, grouchy mood. Has gotten attached to Luna though[178]. Sports a black leather fuku with crossed straps.

"Surrounded by the dark denseness of the night, Sailor Star Healer. Stage on!"-Sailor Star Healer (Starlights) 


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